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VTAP provides skilled & experienced veterans a personal, human-to-human connection throughout the job search and transition process while other veteran employment programs only offer impersonal, online job search platforms.

The VTAP difference

Veteran-peer talent scouts will recruit, vet and prequalify a veteran and then hand-match that veteran to a specific job identified by industry partners. Prior to submitting the qualified veteran to the prospective employer, VTAP will provide personalized, hands-on assistance to help that the veteran successfully transition from the military to the civilian workforce.

What sets VTAP apart

A personalized, one-on-one process

VTAP hand-matches a veteran’s skills and experience with specific jobs identified by industry partners.

We do not follow typical veteran employment processes which focus on resume writing, online job search platforms and participation in job fairs.

We provide the veteran a personal, human-to-human connection throughout their job search.

Most other veteran employment programs are impersonal only providing access to online job boards/postings and referral services.

Targeted skills & industry partnerships

VTAP specifically targets former military talent with skills and experience that directly translate into high demand, well-paying, mid-level jobs.

Industry partners identify careers in the $55,000 to $100,000+ range that include…

  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Aerospace & Manufacturing
  • Facility Maintenance & Engineering

Working directly with potential employers and the Veteran-Peer Placement Specialists.

We will identify, vet and prequalify the veteran whose skills and abilities match a specific job identified by industry partners. We then provide personalized “one-stop” employment transition assistance and training particularly focused on understanding the differences between and adapting to the civilian workplace as compared to military culture, expectations and values.

VTAP will measure success

VTAP will measure success via metrics that will confirm outcomes and ensure transparency to industry partners and funders.

  • Number & percent of veterans hired
  • Average starting salary
  • 12, 18 & 24 month retention rates
  • Employer & veteran-employee surveys and feedback


VTAP will deliver a quantifiable ROI to industry partners because veteran new-hires will be…

  • Pre-screened, vetted and drug free
  • On-boarded quickly and efficiently
  • Require less training time and resources
  • Ready and able to compete for mid-level leadership and management positions
  • Many with security clearances
  • At no cost to industry or the veteran


Resulting in a veteran workforce that

  • Is highly motivated
  • Mission focused
  • Seeks and accepts responsibility
  • Displays an uncommon work ethic
  • Values honesty and personal integrity
  • Puts teamwork above self

VTAP proactively serves as a recruiter for industry partners and a “head hunter” for former military talent connecting both through direct, personal interaction… at no cost to industry or the veteran!

Tap into VTAP

Contact us today. We serve industry and skilled and experienced Veterans from all branches of the Armed Forces.