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Put military skills to work.

We connect skilled military talent to careers in Logistics, Aerospace, and Facilities Engineering & Maintenance.


Veteran Talent Acquisition Partnership

A recruiter for industry

A San Antonio, Texas based nonprofit that:
  • Partners with industry to identify skilled hiring needs
  • Recruits, screens and pre-qualifies transitioning mid to senior level NCOs and junior officers and veterans to fill jobs identified by industry partners

A headhunter for skilled military talent

  • Matches transitioning service members and veterans to mid-level, well-paying jobs that utilize their skills.
  • Provides employment transition assistance with a focus on understanding the civilian workplace, culture and expectations as compared to military service

80% of those leaving the military do not have a civilian job waiting for them

75% are not receiving help finding civilian employment

65% of veterans leave their first post-military job in under 2 years

Mid to senior grade NCOs and mid-grade officers with skills and experience have high employment potential

Logistics and Supply Chain

Aerospace and Manufacturing

Engineering and Facilities Maintenance

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We serve all branches of the Armed Forces